Facilitated culturally-inclusive auto-immune health-care education training in many communities.

​Held Auto-Immune Standards Town Hall meetings across North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.

Worked with national news outlets, civil rights organizations, and health partners to improve the state of health education our communities.

SOAK members from across the nation are active in sharing their language, culture and best practices in health outreach education to other members, policy makers, governments and other organizations.

As a part of the SOAK family, here are ways you can be involved in increasing educational opportunities for our youth and their family’s. Local, tribal, state and federal lawmakers understand that, as a constituent, your voice is powerful.

Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc

With the purchase of the Support Our Arthritic Kids bracelet it will show support and help us to bring education to those who might not know whats wrong with them!
The Bracelets are made from 100% silicone, the words are debossed on the front "Support Our Arthritic Kids".

Only $5.00 for each Bracelet!


Last year, more than 200 youth across the state and NC military installations did Our Nationwide Outreach and Focusing on Military Families programs with Support Our Arthritic Kids, Inc. Increasing awareness to help children, parents and communities in need all over the North Carolina. 

This year we are hoping youth across North Carolina, Virginia, and Native American communities in the US will be taking part in our outreach programs to inform them about Juvenile Arthritis.  This year in 2016, we have developed two new programs, Advocacy, and Native American Outreach. 

The success of this event is credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their names and financial support to the event. The money we raise each year goes to 20% towards auto-immune research, 20% towards scholarships, 40% towards programs and other activities and 20% supported management, administrative, and fundraising costs, and this year’s overall goal is $150,000 dollars.